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A.I.Sergeev, PhD, Professor, renowned lawyer of Russia, member of International commercial arbitration court at Trade Commission of the Russian Federation, member of the working group of scientific-consulting council at the Supreme arbitration court of the Russian Federation. His seminars on issues of legal regulation of foreign trade activities attract the deserved interest and attention.

A.I.Bezrukov is a former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the USSR, the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of Russia (1981-1993); Now he is an adviser for state bodies and organizations, for several large enterprises; he is a member of the Russian association of international law, editorial boards of several legal magazines; an arbitral judge; a member of scientific-expert council of the Standing committee on legal issues of EvrAzEs Inter-parliamentary assembly.

S.P.Martirosyan is a member of Expert council of Russian national committee on legislation, doctor of juridical sciences, and professor of Russian foreign trade academy.

A.P.Vavilov, PhD, is a professor of private law faculty, a member of Arbitration court at the International chamber of commerce, a daysman of the International commercial arbitration court at Trade and Commerce Chamber of the Russian Federation, a member of Royal daysmen institute (London).

A.S.Shestopalov, PhD, professor managing private law faculty, the chairman, legal councilor of the Research center on private law at the President of the Russian Federation, a member of working group on Civil code of the Russian Federation, the corresponding member of the Institute of international corporate law and practice of the International chamber of commerce (Paris).

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