The Rostov Law School

The Rostov Law School affiliated with Rostov Foreign trade Academy admits and prepares experts who have graduated from a higher education institution.

The lawyer receives main and specialized preparation in the field of jurisprudence according to the curriculum and within the framework of the given specialty.

The general professional section of the curriculum is directed to mastering a complex of courses in law, which constitutes a complete system of knowledge of real laws, providing the law order in all spheres of life of the society in market relations conditions.

A specialized section of the curriculum contains legal and economic disciplines which prepare lawyers for professional work in the legal field as to assure business and foreign economic relations support.

An in-depth international legal preparation of the trainees as to concrete areas of foreign trade activities is also provided:

  • International law,
  • International economic law,
  • The European Union Law,
  • World trade,
  • Civil and the commercial laws of foreign countries,
  • International sale and trade (legal regulation of foreign trade activities),
  • International commercial arbitrage,
  • International private Law,
  • Legal ways of promoting products in foreign markets,
  • International trade,
  • International contracts Law unification at the present stage, etc
  • Customs Broker
  • Customs Clearance

Students foreign language training is of the highest importance.

The Rostov Law School works with three faculties:

  • "The Faculty of the theory and history of the state and the Law", Faculty manager, Professor Martyukov E.M. PhD,
  • "The Faculty of public Law ", Faculty manager, Bezuglov A.E. PhD,
  • "The Faculty of private law", Faculty manager, Professor Shestopalov V, PhD.

The professors and teachers of the Rostov Law School participate in work of international conferences on a regular basis, lecture in higher educational institutions of CIS and foreign countries, in both state and commercial organizations and enterprises, conduct basic researches in the field of international Law, international economic Law, and also in WTO and the European Union Law.

Teaching at the faculty is conducted by the highly skilled teachers having overseas work experience.

The graduates of evening branch having sufficient practical work experience are employed at prestigious positions both in Russian, and in foreign companies and in various official bodies and organizations.

The Rostov Law School cooperates closely with state and executive authority bodies. The scientists of the faculty are invited as experts to work in commissions and committees of the State Duma, they cooperate in international arbitration courts in Russia and abroad, conduct consulting work in international organizations, are members of National committee of the International chamber of commerce, etc.

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